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House Rules

We ensure a pleasant stay at Miracolo di Mare for everyone, so get acquainted with the house rules. This way, you can enjoy a worry-free vacation!

Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare

To make your experience at Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare pleasant and unforgettable, we have prepared some guidelines that will help create the (most) beautiful experience of your stay with us.


At Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare we look forward to seeing you on your arrival day between 3pm and 8pm. If you are planning your arrival time after 8 pm, please let us know at least 1 day before your arrival – as this is the only way we will be able to wait for you and welcome you as you expect.

We will say goodbye to you on the day of your departure when you will empty the room by 10.30 at the latest, return the keys at the reception and check out. We hope it will be a short farewell and you will come back on another vacation very soon.

For all your additional wishes and questions that would arise during your stay with us, we are available at the reception every day between 8am and noon and between 3pm and 8pm.

In general

For the duration of your stay at Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare, we will entrust you with 2 keys – the first will open the door of your room, the second opens the front door, which is always locked. Take both keys with you whenever you leave the accommodation – even if you only go for a walk, at the beach or for coffee.

Since a good night’s sleep is an important part of a quality holiday, we ask you to pay a little more attention between 10pm in the evening and 8am in the morning to the noise that could be (unintentionally) disturbing for you or your “temporary” neighbours.

If, after leaving Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare, you find out that you forgot your phone charger, your favourite T-shirt or anything else that slipped away from you when you were preparing your luggage – don’t worry! All found and forgotten items are stored for 30 days. If no one asks for the lost item, we make sure that it finds a new owner – depending on its usefulness, we donate it to a charity / humanitarian / ecological organization or, if we do not find another solution, after 30 days we discard it.

Common areas

Pleasant socializing in the common areas takes place in the Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare breakfast room and in the outdoor Mediterranean garden, where you will also find a summer kitchen.

The Mediterranean Garden opens its doors every morning at 8am and closes them at 10pm. The breakfast room invites you at breakfast time.

You can cool off your drinks and snacks in the shared fridge located in the summer kitchen (Mediterranean Garden) – please just label your delicacies consistently.

Did you make new friends during your vacation? You can unhesitatingly invite your guests to a peaceful gathering in the Mediterranean Garden or in the breakfast room between 10 am and 8 pm – but please do not take them to your rooms due to the courtesy of other Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare guests.

Smokers will find their place in the smoking corner located in the Mediterranean Garden – within the building it is the only place intended for smoking, so we kindly ask you not to smoke in the other areas of Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare.

Stay at Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare

Do you need an extra towel, bed linen, hair dryer? All this and more can be found at the reception of Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare. Room is cleaned and fresh towels are changed after two days of your stay. If you stay with us for more than a week, we change the bed linen after 7 days.

We believe that the premises and inventory of Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare will be carefully cared for and will be beautifully preserved to serve guests who will visit us in the future. However, if still happens that something is damaged, we ask you to let us know – together we will find the most affordable solution for both parties involved.

Your safety

We kindly ask you to take care of your safety during your stay with us.

Do not lean over windows, generally do not act recklessly, as we cannot be held liable for injuries that occur to you in the building or outdoors.

Always keep valuables and valuable personal items with you or in a locked room. Unfortunately, we cannot be held liable for theft, loss, or damage to personal items.

For your safety and the safety of the other guests who also spending their holidays at Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare, please do not own or use drugs and do not own or use weapons.

Due to fire safety, the use of cooking and heating appliances in rooms is unfortunately not allowed. In the event of a fire, leave the building immediately in accordance with the posted signs for emergency exits and follow the instructions of our staff.


Because a nice word finds a nice place, our most important guideline is hospitality and kindness. Your friendly communication and insightful behaviour will make your and your neighbours’ vacation at Boutique Hotel Miracolo di Mare even more beautiful.

For all additional questions and wishes, we are also available for you by the phone:

+386 51 44 55 22.