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Miracolo di Mare – The Miracle of The Sea

Many legends, myths and local stories are connected with the ancient city of Piran. Legends are passed down from generation to generation in many versions, shapes and shades. Despite the fact that the elements of these stories change and adapt – the message always remains the same.

Miracolo di Mare is one such story that has been preserved in the Piran tradition for more than half of a millennium. The story – its original is still kept in the archives – is about a fishermen who, not far from Sečovlje Bay, spotted a huge fish, with an unusual shape.

The fish was so big that 20 fishing boats could barely handle it. According to the legend, the fish was 13 steps long and 7 steps wide. Its tail fin was similar to a dolphins, it had large eyes and mouth full of teeth, and above all it had an opening through which water was splashing.

Fisherman successfully caught the fish and dragged it to Piran. The locals gathered in crowds on the shore and admired a sea creature they had never seen before. Due to its size and unusual shape, it was named “Miracolo di Mare” or “The Miracle of the Sea.”

The story of a big, unusual fish has not only given a name to our Boutique hotel accommodation, but is also a constant reminder that the majesty of the sea should not be underestimated.

In its depths, the sea still hides many miracles that are patiently waiting … for the right moment to be revealed.

You can also browse the wonderful history of Piran on the Facebook page »Piran – as it once was«..
You never know, but you may discover another story that would be worth exploring during your vacation on the Slovenian coast.

Piran – A pearl of the Slovenian coast 

Boutique hotel Miracolo di Mare is located in the heart of the ancient town called Piran. Piran or Pirano is small, cute and very old – so it’s probably not uncommon for its picturesque streets to be filled with a sense of magic.

Mediterranean sent strengthens the awareness that on one side the town is embraced by the sea that is almost reaching doorsteps of the houses, and it is protected from the mainland by high walls on the other side.

The pulse of the city is imbued with a pleasant mystery that inspires. The walls of the houses whisper stories thousands of years old. The bora wind, which occasionally blows trough Piran’s squares and city streets, carries the voice of unforgetable sunsets, blue horizons and beautiful, glistening sea.

Despite its small size, Piran offers visitors the right range of interesting experiences – from a walk through the medieval, narrow streets, to the magnificent view that stretches towards the sea from the city walls. Church of St. George hides rich frescoes and tells interesting stories just like ones that are told by Tartini Square and the Old Square or Old piazza.

The green surroundings of the city eagerly and persistently invite you to explore nature by foot or by bike while the sea air – like the mermaid song – attracts everyone whose heart is bounded to the sea.

A walk along the promenade is most magnificent at the sunset, and certainly it is a very special experience sitting along the coast on a warm summer evening, when the song of crickets playfully complements the gentle sound of the waves.

They say that in Piran you can buy the most delicious ice cream on the Coast, eat lunch or dinner made from delicious fresh and local ingredients and drink really good coffee, accompanied by a warm butter croissant.

Piran is a small town… with a strong character!

Therefore, welcome to the picturesque views of the romantic city, which is distinguished by hospitable locals and endless opportunities to create unforgettable memories.

More about Piran, its sights, undiscovered corners and adventurous routes can be found on the website of the Tourist Association of Portorož. For more information on the wider landscape, browse the website of the Sečovlje Salina Landscape Park – KPSS