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What to See and Do in Piran? The Ultimate Guide

So whether you’ve already booked your stay in Piran or if you’re still deciding whether Piran is your dream destination, look no further. Join as, as we guide you through the secrets and best things to do in Piran, from it’s charming Old Town, exciting day trips and amazing heritage.

Where is Piran? 

Piran is a charming coastal town located in southwestern Slovenia, on the Adriatic Sea. It is situated near the borders with Italy and Croatia, making it a popular destination for visitors exploring the Istrian region. With its narrow streets, plenty of attractions, Venetian architecture, and stunning sea views, Piran is often referred to as a “miniature Venice” and is one of Slovenia’s most beautiful towns.

How to get to Piran? 

Getting to Piran depends on your starting point. Here are some common ways to reach Piran:

1. By Car:

From Ljubljana take the A1 motorway towards Koper, then follow signs for Izola and Piran. If you’re arriving from Trieste (Italy) follow the E70 motorway towards Koper, then continue to Izola and Piran. From Zagreb (Croatia) you also take the A1 motorway (towards Rijeka), cross the border to Slovenia and follow signs for Koper and Piran.

2. By Bus: 

There are regular bus services from major cities like Ljubljana, Trieste, and Zagreb to Piran. The bus station in Piran is located near the town center.

3. By Train:

Piran has no train station and so no direct train, but you can always take the train to Koper and catch a bus or taxi to Piran.

4. By Plane:

The closest airports to Piran are: Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport (LJU), Trieste Airport (TRS) or Venice Marco Polo Airport (VCE). From either airport, you can rent a car and drive to Piran. There are also shuttle services and buses to nearby cities like Trieste or Koper, where you can then catch a bus to Piran.

5. By Boat:

Especially during the summer, there are boat connections from Venice to Piran, offering a scenic and unique way to reach the town.

6. Local Transport:

Once in Piran, the town is compact and easy to explore on foot or bicycle. There are also local buses that connect Piran with nearby towns like Portorož and Koper.

Before traveling, it’s always a good idea to check schedules and transportation options, especially if you’re planning to use public transport.

What to do in Piran?  

We’ve got you eager and curious but now you want to know, what you can do in a small city like Piran. 

  • Explore the charming old town, 
  • Visit the famous Venetian house,
  • Visit the Tartini Square and house,
  • Take a walk to the famous Pirans walls  
  • Visit the Aquarium and learn about new species of the Northern Adriatic Coast, 
  • Visit the best restaurants and enjoy the freshest seafood dishes,
  • Explore the Adriatic Coast and visit neighbour cities like Portorož, Koper, Izola, Fiesa, Trieste etc.,  
  • Visit the famous saltpans, 
  • Go for a leisurely walk from Piran to Portorož (about 3km or about 1.9 miles),
  • Get on two wheels and cycle from Piran to Portorož (about 3,5km or about 2.2. miles), 
  • Go for a swimm, 
  • Rent a kayak and experience the serene beauty of a sunset from the tranquil waters of the sea,
  • In the summer time hop on a catamaran to Venice, 
  • Explore the famous Parenzana Trail – by foot or cycling. A historic railway route that connects the towns of Trieste (Italy), Buje (Croatia), and Poreč (Croatia) during the early 20th century.

Go on a daily trip from Piran to …. (distances to cities by car) 

  • Piran to Portorož: app 3 km (about 1.9 miles)
  • Piran to Koper: app 15 km (about 9.3. miles)
  • Piran to Izola: app 10 km (about 6.2 miles)
  • Piran to Trieste (Italy): app 30 km ( about 18.6. miles)
  • Piran to Buje (Croatia): app 20 km (about 12.4 miles)

From its charming Old Town to its delectable dining scene and exciting day trips, Piran offers everything you need for a getaway on the Adriatic Coast. You can always fall in love with Piran’s romantic side or dig into his historical heritage or simply use it as an amazing starting point to all sort of sports activities or daily trips. Because Piran is sure to capture your heart. Plan your perfect holiday in Piran and create memories that will last a lifetime.